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PANORAMA Berlin, January 2020, Tempelhof Airport –
The Beginning Of A New Thinking

Society is changing. Consumption is changing. Digital transformation does not always have a positive effect. The Internet, smartphones and social media have radically changed shopping behaviour. Whoever sticks to old models as a brand or retailer will fall by the wayside. PANORAMA Berlin thinks differently. Think Messe anew. Go on. More agile. With a concept that makes you want fashion again.

Evolution instead of standstill!

Brand Avenue with pavilions on the airfield of Tempelhof Airport in January 2020 is a start. The Brand Village in summer 2020 is the second step. But more has to happen. If every customer finds impulses, inspiration, recommendations and shopping opportunities in all channels at all times and everywhere, nobody will be on their way to the shopping streets anymore. Resistance is pointless. 50 % of today’s specialist retailers will therefore no longer exist in the next 10 years. No reason to cry! Who rethinks, stays. Flexibility wins. Relevance convinces. Attitude inspires. PANORAMA Berlin takes the inevitable next step. And takes you with you. To the customer. Where life plays. With pop-up fashion events. Lifestyle that can be experienced. Emotional brand stagings.

Fashion must be experienced!

Consumers have long been the drivers. They are critical. Questioning. Want ambition. Brands must match their own lifestyle. The best place to prove that you belong is where this lifestyle is lived. Out of the shops! Get into life! We bring together what belongs together. Brands. Trade. Customer. Lifestyle places. In focus: curated fashion themes. Desirable brands. Latest collections. Selected local retail partners. Limited Editions. After-show parties. True celebrations of fashion. Anytime. Everywhere. Simultaneously at several locations. Modular. Scalable. Agile. Alive. Call it what you want. Fashion event. Lifestyle event. Shopping event. For us it’s the new way to turn fans into buyers. Story telling as an event concept. A new View. A different way.

One date is not enough!

The next exhibition generation has no fixed location. No fixed time. Trade fairs are where the customer is. Go on tour with us. Leave the old behind you. Change the familiar! Become a rebel! With courage. With determination. Like us.

Find out in the next few weeks how our vision is developing. Even better: Be one of the pioneers of a new way of thinking – and redesign this vision with us right from the start!