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Terms and Conditions


  1. The organizer
    PANORAMA Fashion Fair Berlin GmbH (the organizer) is the sole organizer of the event called PANORAMA trade fair. Rights and obligations arising from the visit to the trade fair are justified solely between the visitor and the organizer.
  2. Entering / Leaving the exhibition grounds
    Entry to the exhibition grounds is only permitted upon presentation of a valid admission ticket. At the end of the event, visitors are obliged to immediately leave the exhibition grounds via the exit.
  3. Distributing / Transferring / Keeping the admission ticket with you
    The admission tickets are registered to a specific person and cannot be transferred. Tickets may not otherwise be passed on or otherwise used by any person other than the person that registered for the ticket.
    You need to carry the ticket with you at all times until you leave the exhibition grounds. If asked to do so, you must present the ticket to the organizer’s security personnel.
  4. Demonstration ban / Sales ban
    Visitors are not permitted to hold demonstrations or to exhibit, sell or distribute printed matter or goods of any kind on the exhibition grounds without the organizer’s prior written consent.
  5. Weapons ban
    Weapons and other dangerous substances and objects are not permitted on the exhibition grounds.
  6. The instructions of the security personnel
    The instructions of the organizer’s security personnel must be followed. Not following them can result in being expelled from the exhibition grounds.
  7. Smoking ban
    Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas on the exhibition grounds. Smoking is only permitted in specially designated areas, as long as smoking areas are set up for the event.
  8. General behavior
    All visitors are to behave in such a way that they do not endanger, harm, hinder or harass any other persons. All visitors must demonstrate environmentally friendly behavior. Any soiling, contamination or pollution of the exhibition grounds is prohibited. To dispose of waste, use only the containers provided.
  9. Liability
    The liability of the organizer for breaches of duty or unlawful acts by the organizer himself or his agents is excluded for damages that do not result in personal injuries (other damages), insofar as it is not a liability arising from intent or gross negligence. The organizer is also liable for simple negligence resulting from a breach of substantial duties, the fulfillment of which makes the proper execution of the event possible for the visitor in the first place and the observance of which the visitor relies on, and may rely on, regularly (cardinal duties). The liability for simple negligence, however, is limited to typical foreseeable damage. Insofar as the event takes place in an outdoor area, suitable clothing, especially suitable footwear, is required. Walking across grass-covered slopes or lawns is at the visitor’s own risk. Safe traffic zones and pathways are clearly delineated on the event grounds.
  1. Transfer of rights
    By visiting the trade fair, visitors grant to the organizer the right to produce photographs and/or audio recordings or to have photographs and/or audio recordings produced of the visitor. Such right shall be irrevocable, unlimited in time and location, and without any special remuneration. The organizer also receives the right to broadcast these photographs and/or audio recordings or to have them broadcast by third parties or to broadcast them jointly with third parties, in whole or in part, and in any manner (including live streaming and IPTV), to make them publicly available (internet/on demand), to publicly present them, to archive them, to enter them into databases, to reproduce them, to edit them in accordance with the visitor’s rights to privacy, for public relations and advertising purposes, for example, to use at fairs, exhibitions, other events, and to use in print media and to otherwise disseminate and exploit in the audiovisual sphere on image and/or sound media in any way, commercially or non-commercially, as well as to use in any way that is not yet known. The rights granted are also transferable to third parties without the visitor’s consent for the above uses.

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